Hey y‘all! I’m Mikki.

So you want to know all about me huh? Awwww, I’m honored!  *blushing*
First, let me warn ya. My story may be a bit much, so buckle up buttercup and let’s get rolling.
Who I am….
I’m a rebellious big girl that’s determined to unlearn all the bullshit lies that I believed about who I should be.
No more am I trying to be perfect.  Or, better yet, driving myself crazy thinking I had to be as close to perfect as I could.  Who does that?!!!! Turns out…I did.
Once you get to know me, you’ll find out, your girl is an introvert? I know, I know….SHOOOOOCKER!
Anyway, I’m on a mission to lose 400 pounds.  It’s about time I become the woman I know I’m supposed to be!  Don’t worry, I’m not leaving you behind, I’m bringing you right along with me!
Prepare yourself. You’re going to see the truth about having to lose this much weight.  Sometimes too much truth.  Waaaaay too much truth.  So, get ready.  I’m 100% real and normally, only 100% real people can handle that.
I’ve already done a lot of amazing stuff.  I’ve kicked depression’s ass.  I’ve fallen madly in love with myself.  And, I’ve helped hundreds of women start loving themselves, and I want to help millions more. I hear it all the time.  “Mikki, you make me want to love me, just by being you!”
How freggin dope is that?!!!
Who I was…
As happy as I am in my life now, there was a time I was a complete mess.  I felt worthless.  I felt like I didn’t deserve to breathe.

  • Being molested as a little girl.
  • Being uprooted from the only home I knew.
  • Dropping out of high school.
  • Being pregnant at 15.
  • Being raped multiple times.
  • Being held against my will at gunpoint.
  • Giving all of who I was to every man I’ve ever loved, as long as they were happy it was ok for me to be miserable.
  • Being brainwashed by several men to think I deserved being abused.
  • Ending up being engaged to a child molester.

I learned to eat my feelings and ballooned up to 575 pounds.  It’s no wonder I tried to kill myself several times.  I mean, seriously, after all of that bullshit, who wouldn’t?
It’s not in spite of all of this, it’s because of all of this that I’m where I am now!  A few years ago, I knew I had to change.  I was in a severe depression for over 10 years and I was tired.
I was tired of hurting.  I was tired of crying.  I was tired of feeling worthless.  I was tired of being stuck.   I was tired of being sick and tired!
I was fat…..and, I was fed up!
Who I’m becoming…
That’s when I knew something had to change. That’s when it hit me. That’s when I realized that I didn’t want to die.  I just wanted to stop hurting. I didn’t know how, when, or what to do….but I knew I had to make it happen.
Something had to give and it was all up to me!   So, I put my big girl panties on, sucked it up, and became hell bent on fixing me!
That’s when it started.
I cried, fought, screamed, scratched, clawed, gnawed, ran, skipped, hopped and jumped right on up out of that misery pit!! I was dead set on getting my shit together and nothing or no one was going to stop me!
It hasn’t been a pretty ride. I’ve got battle scars from here to Timbuktu! But now, I wear them with pride.  As a matter of fact…they’re quite cute, thank ya very much! *batting eyelashes*
I’m here to share what I’ve learned.  This stuff is just too good to keep to myself. I’ve got to share it!
I went against the grain and fell madly in love with me….even being over 550 pounds!  Guess what!  You can love yourself too!  I mean, look at me, I’m living proof!
Now that my mind is finally good, it’s time take care of my body to lose the weight.  It’s time to make the outside match the inside.
It’s time I finish getting my shit together.  And, I’m going to help you get your shit together too!
You coming?