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Why You Gain Weight

  I know you’ve been there.  We all have.   You’ve been “good” all week.  You’re excited to step on the scale.  You step on it and then BAM!!!!  It’s a gain.   You step off like, “Oh I know that’s not right.”  You get back on.  It’s the same….a gain.  WTF?!!!!   You get […]

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Let’s Get It Started!

  You ready? That’s right baby!  I’m back!   Did ya miss me?   *crickets*   No?  Welp, that’s alright.  I missed you and that’s all that matters!  *big cheesy grin*   I’ve been gone for way too long and I’m finally back full force.  If you’re looking for the old blog, weeeeell, that’s not […]