So, ya wanna see what I look like huh?  Weeeeell, here’s the thing, I took the “real” before pictures.  You know the ones….with just bra and panties on?  Yeah.  Those!  Lord help us all!

Now you know there ain’t no way in hell I’m posting those!  They are behind lock and key wit the other….ummmm….let’s just say…”unmentionable” pictures and videos.  *wink*  Don’t judge me.  I know you and your dude have some too.  lol

I hear your gears turning wondering what you can bribe me with to see them.  Nope, not gonna happen.  I don’t care how much money ya got.  Wait.  Let me rethink that.  How much do ya have?  *innocent grin*

Focus Mikki!  Get back to the task at hand!

Ok, I’ll more than likely show them once I become comfortable enough or I lose my mind, whichever come first.

I’ll take clothed “before” pictures sometime soon, but until then, you’re going to have to deal with me growing up with the weight.

Wasn’t I the cutest thing?  *heart eyes*

Oh yeah, before I forget, click or tap on the picture to see it clearly.